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What do your numbers look like?

Points 2 Marketing brings fun things to you and we want to motivate you to push HARD and finish STRONG. Our goal is to make sure that you go to bed each night feeling like you have accomplished your own personal goals. Marketing can be tough and exhausting. It can put a lot of pressure on your staff resulting in anger and frustration, whether the cause is due to overworking or lack of census. 

As a marketing coach, I create a quarterly plan that is pushed day in and day out. At the end of the quarter, I look back at data and determine if any adjustments are needed to continue. Using data and statistics are KEY; numbers tell a story. For example, if your goals are 10 admissions per month and you are only getting 6 admits then what's the problem? How many referrals have you gotten? Are you converting the referrals to admits? Are you not seeing enough people? Are you not educating your staff or doing in-services? When I go to companies and look back at the numbers, it paints me a picture. The major problem occurs when there are NO numbers and NO stats. The result is NO picture.

You must have documentation to be successful. If your company is struggling or you need help with putting together a system, don't hesitate to CALL ME! Let's meet up! I tell people all the time - Points 2 Marketing doesn't cost you money, we help you MAKE MONEY!

Email me at to schedule an appointment where we can discuss your needs.

Written by: Stephanie Eckler

CEO & Founder

Stephanie has over 20 years of management and marketing experience, and 12 years of consulting experience. She has received many awards for marketing efforts and has a proven track record of being very successful. Stephanie has experience working with small and large companies. She has held many marketing titles and has worked in the corporate world. She continues to take marketing classes and keep up with marketing trends so that she can share the knowledge with her clients.

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