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Defining Your Company

What defines your company?

When you describe your company, you shouldn’t just be listing your services. What does your organization stand for? How does it contribute to the community? Establishing these core values is essential. According to Fortune magazine, core values are the “…fabric that guides employee behavior, company decisions, and actions. They’re what gives a company soul.” When you are establishing your company’s core values don’t just pick things that make you sound good. Make sure you are picking values that line up with your business. For example, if you say that your company values work/life balance, you would need to re-examine requiring mandatory overtime or weekend work. Once you have established your company’s values, you can make sure you stick to them by referencing them in meetings, employee reviews, and decision making.

Why is establishing core values so important?

Stand out: Your core values describe your identity as a company. This is a way to set your business apart in your industry and community! Your values are part of your branding. Educate your customers and potential customers on your company values by putting them on your marketing collateral such as: business cards and brochures!

Ramp up recruitment efforts: Core values tell potential employees what it’s like to work for your company. They describe the beliefs, culture, and behavior of your organization. By using your core values in recruitment, you can find employees that are a good fit for your company and help reduce turnover. Make sure you post your core values on your social media, website, and recruitment materials.

Guide employee behavior: Your core business values are most likely what influenced your employees to join your staff. Keep these values in mind by posting them around the office by posting them on posters, mousepads, pens, and notepads.  

Written by: Stephanie Eckler

CEO & Founder

Stephanie has over 20 years of management and marketing experience, and 12 years of consulting experience. She has received many awards for marketing efforts and has a proven track record of being very successful. Stephanie has experience working with small and large companies. She has held many marketing titles and has worked in the corporate world. She continues to take marketing classes and keep up with marketing trends so that she can share the knowledge with her clients.

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