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I had a teacher in 7th grade that constantly instilled the value of setting goals. At the beginning of each 9 weeks, he would have us write down one goal that we wanted to meet before the grading period was over. At the end of the 9 weeks, he had us analyze our goals and determine the results. We would then create our new goal-based off the outcome of the previous results.

My reason for telling this story is simple, your results are determined by the goals you set. So what if we change the system around? What if we set the results that we want first, and then create the goal based off of those results?

I have listed 5 questions to ask yourself when creating goals based on the actual result that you want to achieve. Because what is a goal if there are no driven results?

1.  Why do you want this result?

This is your goal(s). What you are working on right now? Everything must be relevant to the work that you are pushing out.

2.  When will you find this result?

Are you in a rush? This is your time frame. How much time do you actually have to get those results? In this day and age everyone wants instant gratification, but results and achieving goals are much more time consuming than some may think. Take a step back, look at the allotted time you have available, and base your achievable goal to that.

3.  Where will you find this result?

Every company has a different way of wanting to get their word out. Analyzing what works best for you is half the battle. Weigh out the pros and cons. It’s safe to say that we are surviving in the digital marketing age. Will your company thrive from social media, or is google advertising more of a better avenue for your business?

4.  What is the person who has this result doing (actions)?

Look into your competition. What are they doing? See where you are lacking, and figure out your strengths. This will help build your name by introducing the same successful tools that others are using, but doing so in your own unique form.

5.  How do you want to differentiate yourself from others who have similar results?

How do you want to set yourself apart from others? What do you bring to the table that other companies can’t? What is your niche? Establishing your forte is a great way to position your results in a whole new realm.

One thing that I have learned since becoming a part of the Points 2 Marketing team is that not one employee is the same, and we each contribute different tricks and trades to the team as a whole. The same goes for setting goals. Not one goal will be the same, and every result is based on each individual goal. 

Be a fearless goal-getter. Be results-driven.

Written by: Brooke Burt

Assistant Marketing Manager

Our lead creative copywriter specializes in public relations & digital marketing. She oversees the coordination and management of all client accounts, social media, email marketing, community involvement, marketing collateral, and much more.

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